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Investment Advice

There are potentially hundreds of decisions you must make in order to build a solid portfolio, one that will benefit from market upswings and weather any downturns.

  • How do you decide whether to buy a mutual fund, treasuries, exchange traded funds, stocks, CDs, or just leave your money in your savings account? 
  • What are the costs and tax implications of the investments you select?
  • Which types of investments should you hold in your retirement accounts instead of your investment accounts?
  • When is the right time to buy or sell an investment?
  • How do you sort through the conflicting advice you read in magazines and on the Internet, or receive from friends?

It’s enough to make your head spin.  Some people handle it with an investment strategy of putting small amounts in many different investments to make sure they’ve covered all the bases. Others put the majority of their assets in one or two places rather than deal with yet another investment decision they’re not sure of. Does this sound familiar?

The results of research done by Dalbar Inc. consistently show that the average investor earns below average returns.  For the twenty years ending on 12/31/2015, the S&P 500 Index averaged 9.85% a year. A pretty attractive historical return. The average equity fund investor earned a market return of only 5.19% (link to article). This is the most recent study regarding investor earnings. This information will be updated when statistics are announced from the next study.

Why is this?

Investor behavior is often based on emotion. This does not lead to wise long-term investing decisions.

Given this reality and the complexity of investing, many people seek professional investment advice.  But who is in the best position to offer you unbiased recommendations? Do you want someone advising you who is paid varied commissions based on whether or not you purchase the investment he or she recommends? Or would you rather obtain objective unbiased advice?

It also is important to know what your investments are or what they should be doing. In a well-constructed portfolio, each investment should fulfill a specific function and should be appropriate for your unique situation. Your portfolio will work harder for you when it contains the investments and employs investment strategies that have been selected based on your needs. As a fee-only financial planner, I will provide you with the objective, unbiased investment recommendations you need to make the best investment decisions.

Being an astute investor should not be a haphazard exercise. When your investments have been properly balanced, objectively chosen, and are regularly reviewed, you enjoy peace of mind and confidence in your future. For an idea of our basic investment philosophy click here

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Contact us to discuss your goals, situation, and concerns. We’ll help you make the best investment decisions specifically for you and your situation.