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Limited Term Financial Planning Engagement

For situations that may not require a Comprehensive Financial Planning Engagement, we offer the Limited Financial Planning Engagement that consists of two or three meetings over a two/three week period on specific topics (generally three to four) you select. This includes phone and email follow-up until completion of contract (other specific or complex topics handled on a case by case basis). 

Cost: $250 to $1,800 based on the issues/topics desired.  Average: $750 to $900.
Available topics: 

Estate Planning

Do you have the necessary legal documents to ensure your assets are handled the way you desire in the event of a temporary disability or untimely death? Will your child(ren) receive what you desire to pass on to them? We will provide guidance on preparation of a Last Will and Testament or the necessity of a Revocable Living Trust. We also provide guidance on General and Durable Powers of Attorney, Health Care Powers of Attorney, complex trusts and also provide guidance on the tax impact of the various legal strategies. Attorneys are recommended for document preparation and consultation as necessary. 

Cash Flow/Budgeting

Managing your cash flow becomes increasingly important as you move toward retirement. Do you know where all of your cash goes? Would you like to make your budgeting easier? Are you carrying too much bad debt? Is there such a thing as good debt? This option includes recommendations on an appropriate cash management system that fits you and your lifestyle. We also provide guidance on debt management and at times use the resources of a preferred debt management counselor.

College Funding/Planning

Do you need help setting aside money for their future education? Which methods are best? Do you have student loans you need to pay off? Many disregard the tax consequences of potential solutions. There are many ways to tackle these issues and we have proven results.

Federal and State Tax Return Preparation

Would you like to have your tax returns double-checked? We have been preparing taxes for clients professionally since 2000. Our detailed reviews have found thousands of dollars in missing deductions for clients. Having someone prepare your return that already knows your financial situation can be a great help come April 15th. At times we use the services of other preparers or CPA’s to effectively manage some returns. (This is only available when combined with Tax Planning.) 

Goal Setting/Visioning

Do you have goals? Are they blended with your finances to help achieve them? Where do you see yourself in the upcoming years? We can help you visualize and plan your future…and then help set a plan to help you get there. 

Real Estate Review

Should you buy or rent?  How much real estate should you own? Should you carry your mortgage if you can pay it off? Should you buy a rental property or vacation home? Which rental properties are best for you? What type of return should you expect from a real estate investment? What about tax implications? We can help answer these questions and advise on home purchases, refinancing or how to best use your home equity.    

Insurance Review

Do you need life or long-term care insurance? How much? Which insurance type best fits your needs? Are you paying too much for your insurance? Are you aware that you can exchange a policy that may no longer work for you? Is an annuity the right move for you at this time? Do you have adequate Disability, Home, or Auto insurance? Could you be paying less for your Medigap coverage? We advise on all insurance types but do not sell insurance. This allows us to be objective.  We work with the providers that are of the greatest value to you. Let us know how we can help manage the risks that increase along with an increase in assets.  

Portfolio Review

This can be completed without developing an alternative strategy and essentially lets you know how you are invested and how you are doing. We let you know how diversified you are, how tied to market forces you are, and how much you may be paying in management fees as well as their impact. We also can show you how your Portfolio is allocated as compared to what may be recommended based on your goals and where you are in your Financial Life Cycle.  

Pension Options/Savings

Have you received a retirement offer from work? Should you take the lump sum or the annuity payment? At times the numbers are provided to you, however, you may want a second opinion. You also may have other options regarding your Pension. Whatever the issue, we can advise you on how to consider the options.   

Investment Strategy Development

We will assess your current investments by generally performing a brief or thorough Portfolio Review. The goal in development is to lay a foundation that is proven, low cost, effective and maximizes your after-tax return. Your hard-earned dollars should work hard for you now and in the future. Do you have short-term and long-term needs? Do you own a home? What other risks are you taking? See the Investment Advice Tab for a more complete explanation.

Retirement Planning/Projections

This involves guidance on implementing a successful and well-developed retirement plan appropriate for your tax bracket and situation. Always remember that Retirement Planning is not an event, but a process. Do you have a plan? Have your plans or goals changed? How much do will you need to live on? In short, what will each year of your retirement look like? See the Retirement Planning Tab for a more complete explanation.

Tax Planning

Most people have their taxes prepared and that’s where it ends. At Core Financial Planning, LLC, we plan for April 15th and beyond. We take your portfolio and needs into consideration to minimize your tax payments by maximizing the tax code. For some clients, we can employ tax-loss harvesting strategies, gifting strategies or Roth conversions. If you desire to minimize your tax burden this year and beyond, you will need to plan for it. Let us help you. Refer to the Our Process page or Contact Us page for the next steps toward financial peace of mind.