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Why Core?

Would you like to worry less...and enjoy life more?

If you are like most people, you worry about your financial future. You are frustrated by conflicting financial advice, confused by the amount of information available, and distrustful of those who claim to know the answers. You’re wondering if you will ever achieve your goals and enjoy peace of mind. Where will the money come from to fund your children’s education or your retirement? How can you be assured that you’ll have the assets available to do what you want?

You can enjoy financial peace of mind.

When you visualize financial independence, what do you see? More opportunities for travel? Working only part time? Volunteering for a cause you care deeply about? We can help you plan successfully for the important times in your life. 

We can help.

What often happens is that you go to a stockbroker for investment advice, an insurance agent to buy insurance, an accountant for tax preparation, and an attorney for estate planning. All can give you great advice about their area of expertise, but it's a bit like deciding what the puzzle is based on only one piece. Is it any wonder that the pieces then don't fit together?

What makes us different?

We focus on your goals and work with all areas of your financial life—tax preparation and planning, investment strategies, insurance, estate planning, retirement planning, cash flow/budgeting, and more—to create a financial plan that changes as your circumstances change. We also don’t speak in terms of products like other advisors who are selling something.  We work together with you, providing you with easy-to-understand recommendations and helping you implement them every step of the way.

We are fee-only financial advisors. We sell no products and receive and pay no commissions. Instead, you pay us an annual (or limited engagement) fee for our objective, personal advice on how to achieve your financial goals. The comprehensive financial planning option covers all necessary topics and allows you to contact us whenever you have questions or your life changes.  In addition, 

  • We treat each client differently. All alternatives and recommendations are individually tailored. One size does not fit all. 
  • We focus on low costs and low fees.  Both equal higher after-tax growth and return. 
  • We look at all the financial risks you are taking before determining your appropriate level of investment risk. 
  • We determine the right asset allocation and also the right asset location. 
  • We recommend the real estate exposure you need in order to achieve long-term financial stability. 
  • We integrate tax planning with your investment strategy to produce a higher after-tax return. 
  • We offer the option of using an Institutional Custodian (Shareholders Service Group - SSG) versus a Retail Custodian like Fidelity, Vanguard, or Schwab. (See link to SSG in 'Client Portal' at the top of the page.)
  • We have access to the use of mutual funds from Dimensional Fund Advisors, or DFA (see 'Client Portal').
  • These state-of-the-art hybrid investment funds are only available through certain advisors and not available to the retail public. 
  • We are small, independent and responsive.  We combine the best of both worlds by integrating our independent objective advice with the backing of large national associations for consultation, resources and education.

Would you like to learn more?

Our free workbook, Seven Keys to Financial Independence, and accompanying article series will help you get started on the road to a worry-free financial future. You will uncover common misconceptions about money, you will learn you are far more in control of your financial future than the media has led you to believe, and you will be guided in taking simple steps to building the financial future you desire. 

Would you like to start today?

Contact us to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation initial consultation. We’ll talk about your financial concerns and objectives and the solutions we offer. If there is a match, we can talk further about working together to help you take the worry out of your financial future and achieve the financial independence you desire.